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Timber Cruising

Inventory is the cornerstone of a solid management plan. We can create and maintain accurate and unbiased datasets so you can make decisions with confidence.

Timber Harvest Plans

Writing a harvest plan can be an involved process. Our staff of professional foresters can demystify that process and keep your projects moving forward. We will handle the details so you can focus on the big picture.

Timber Marking

We know what to look for when marking timber and we understand the technicalities of logging. We can intelligently mark trees for the most productive logging operations.

Land Management

Black Fox will work to achieve the goals of the land owner while using responsible practices to maximize value and growth potential. Every client is different and our tailored approach will fit your needs no matter how large or small the ownership.

Wildlife Surveys

Wildlife is a big part of modern forestry. Black Fox has the expertise to help identify and protect sensitive wildlife and habitat.

Progressively Different

We are much more than your standard forestry company. Black Fox is involved with every facet of forest management across the western United States and beyond. From education to fire prevention, find out what makes our company so unique.

We are always on the move. Our ability to be flexible is what separates us from other timber management firms!


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Fuels reduction projects


Plots we cruise annually

The perfect company to handle all of your forestry needs.

It's easy to see that Black Fox isn't your typical forestry consulting firm. Our wide range of professional services is what sets us apart.

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